Urnyx05 Google Camera 7.2.010 APK v2.2

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  • This is a Google Camera port of base version 7.2.010 build version v2.2 ported by Urnyx05.

    GCam port build date: 31st Jan 2020.

    Changelog of GCam 7.2.010 Urnyx05 build version v2.2:

    • Added Dutch translation and merged other translations
    • Added 12/48 MP button (on Mi9/Mi9T, it works only with root and Eszdman's module)
    • Changed some code related to resolution (thanks Arnova)
    • Fixed purple tint at 48 MP
    • Hidden 48 MP button while using aux lenses
    • Added the option to choose 30/60 FPS (thanks Arnova)
    • Added 30/60 FPS also at 4k resolution
    • Added the option to change bitrate
    • Fixed crash when the app was opened using Chinese as language

    Supported devices:

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