Urnyx05 Google Camera 7.0.009 v4.4

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  • This is a Google Camera APK port of base version 7.0.009 build version v4.4 ported by Urnyx05.

    GCam port build date: 23rd October, 2019.

    Changelog of GCam APK 7.0.009 Urnyx05 build version v4.4:

    • Fixed every main problems of Mi9/Mi9S/Mi9T - Mi9T Pro (like not working videos, not working portrait mode, crashing motion, etc).
    • Added buttons for aux lenses.
    • Added the option to enable/disable shutter sound.
    • Fixed Sabre on front and aux lenses.
    • Forced 100% JPEG quality.

    Supported devices:

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