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  • Google Camera 7.1 APK is a public released version which has come to Play Store unlike the Google Camera 7.0 which was a beta version.

    For now, there are few noticeable features on this app release which are: framing hints (earlier known as Camera coaching), and social sharing which is limited to Messaging app only, as of now.

    For more updates, visit the Google Camera 7.1 page which will always be updated with the latest official GCam 7.1 build and also other 7.1 mods from all other modders: cstark27, BSG, Arnova8G2, parrot043 etc.

    Other Google Camera (GCam) APK Downloads:

    • Visit the below link to get Google Camera for your phone (The huge list that contains working GCam ports for all available phones)
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