Erfanoabdi Android 11 (R) GSI DP2-AB Download

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  • Android 11 (Android R) Pixel GSI build 0728 for AB and A-only Devices built by Erfan Abdi (erfanoabdi) and other contributors (in the list below).

    This is a direct link to download the same.

    Android Build: Developer Preview 2

    Build date: 3rd April 2020 Donate to contributor(s):

    Donate to Erfan for his contributions. Android 11 (R) DP1 AB GSI build 0514 image information:

    Brand: google Model: Pixel 2 Codename: walleye Build Type: walleye-user Build Number: RPP2.200227.014 Incremental: 6343719 Tags: release-keys Security Patch: 2020-04-05 Fingerprint: google/walleye/walleye:R/RPP2.200227.014/6343719:user/release-keys Description: walleye-user R RPP2.200227.014 6343719 release-keys Raw Image Size: 2.72 GiB

    Contributors of this Android 11 (R) AB GSI:

    あきと ミズキト amackpro amog787 Ataberk Özen Bikram Mukherjee Codeworker Enes Sastim HanyanI Jago Gardiner (nysadev) Jay klozz MacTavishAO Nick-Infinity oguzbakir paledega Saurabh Singh Shiv Tadi Vachounet Yuhan Zhang Zilberto Junior ZJRDroid 珺尹520

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