Burial GCam 7.3

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  • This is a GCam port of base version 7.3.018 by burial.

    Build date: July 2020

    Changelog of GCam 7.3.018 beta 7 by burial:

    • Fixed a bug with incorrect calculation of the shutter speed that happened with the first photo after starting the application or exiting the settings. It resulted in overexposed photos.
    • Selectable RAW_SENSOR (for those modules that do not support RAW10)
    • ISO limit up to 25k
    • Separate iso limit and exposure compensation for narrow dynamic range
    • Minor fixes


    • Configs from beta5 (or older) don't work on beta6 (or newer)!
    • A clean install (remove the old version and install the new one or clean app data) is recommended.
    • If the pictures look weird, apply the config again or change one of the settings.

    Supported devices:

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