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Shadow Fight 3 Game is created by NEKKI and it is a combat game where game follows a storyline. There are many villains and you have to fight with them and make them lose. Shadow Fight 3 Game requires Android 4.1 or higher android version for installation. You can download Shadow Fight 3 Game APK from our requirements section and for getting more info about this game read our full article.

Shadow Fight 3 APK is currently running on version 1.16.5 and last updated on June 5 2019. Shadow Fight 3 Game is rated 4.4 in google play store that means this game is loved by many players this game currently has 50+ millions of downloads.

Shadow Fight 3 has some of the additional files which you have to download after installing the APK. Don’t worry it will download automatically after opening the game. We are going to discuss everything about Shadow Fight 3 Game in detail.

Features Of Shadow Fight 3 Game –

  • Shadow Fight 3 is a combat game.
  • This game has a story.
  • Too much realistic graphics.
  • Smooth and stable UI.
  • Detailed in-game settings.

Requirements For Installing Shadow Fight 3 Apk-

Our Rating To The Game-

4.5 out 5 in the user interface.

5 out of 5 in-game graphics.

4.5 in user engagement.

4.5 in-game settings.

In Shadow Fight 3 you have to fight against enemies using techniques and making combos. Shadow Fight 3 APK is a combat game where you have to fight with the enemies and you can use traditional weapons of samurai’s. This game has a storyline and game runs according to its powerful storyline.

How To Download & Install Shadow Fight 3 Apk-

  • First of all, download Shadow Fight 3 APK from the above link and then install it.

Then you have to enable installation from unknown sources option for installing Shadow Fight 3.

For doing this you need to go to settings> security> Unknown Sources.

Enable this option and now you are ready to install.

  • After installing open the Shadow Fight 3 app open it.
  • You will ask to download additional files.

  • A gameplay video will start while downloading wait and watch the video till then.

  • After downloading you have to sign in with your google play account and after sign in you are now ready to play.

  • Tutorials will start now you have to finish the tutorials first and play some matches.

  • After tutorials, you can play the game now and fight with the enemies.
  • You can visit the game settings to change it according to you.
Enjoy the Shadow Fight 3 Game :)

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