• October 2019

Category: Android Apps

This category contains how to install guides of available Android Apps, mods, themes etc. such as: Game APKs, GCam installation, Dolby Atmos, custom themes etc.

Download GCam v6.1 for Samsung Galaxy M40

This post was last updated on September 27th, 2019 at 06:07 pm 5.0 01 Samsung is on a roll this year as they have released quite a few smartphones in the first half of this year. We got the Samsung flagship S series lineup then, …

Apus File manager apk download for Android.

0.0 00 Apus file manager is one of the best third-party file managers for Android. Apus file Manager was flourished from the end of OneGoGo. You may familiar with Apus launcher which was also presented by OneGoGo. Apus file manager is used to supervise files …