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June 9, 2021
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Bid Wars 2 – Pawn Empire is an auction game that combines elements of garage sales, treasure hunting, and storage auctioning to teach you about the business game idea.

This storage game with antiques and a treasure hunt will brighten up your day.

Bidding on storage auctions, particularly those that are large enough to be featured in television games, is a very profitable way to generate money.

And when your profit game reaches epic proportions, you can branch out and start your own firm, after which you can become a city builder.

Bid Wars 2: Pawn Shop - Mod APK

Bid Wars 2: Pawn Shop Gameplay and Features

– MAKE MONEY and PROFIT from your shrewd storage auction purchases, as well as unlock new structures for your collection.
Then you can develop your city-building enterprise and earn even more money!
Being a business tycoon is tremendously enjoyable!
This amount of money is not even awarded to players of well-known television games!
Who knows what will happen.
Perhaps, with all of the money you earn, you will be able to develop your own discounted television show games and treasure hunt games.

– OUTBID your competitors in storage auctions that will keep you on the edge of your seat like no other antiques game can match.
Choose, analyse, and bid more quickly than your competitors in auctions and garage search expeditions around the world!
You’ll feel like you’re a part of one of those popular television games as you demonstrate to the public your rare item collection and skill at bargaining and negotiating game dynamics!

A pawn shop strategy game that delivers all of the suspense and thrill of bargain and negotiating television shows and treasure hunt stories to your computer screen, as well as a display of the unique and valuable garage hunt acquisitions as your business grows.

A bargain and get rich game full of surprises awaits you as you embark on your journey to transform your decrepit family firm into a city-wide commercial empire!

In the world of garage sales and bargaining, you’ll want to make a name for yourself and be noticed by huge billionaire names on the scene with your legendary things collection, your unique master skills and strategy, and your unique master skills and strategy!

Create a diverse collection of unique exotic things in your pawn shop, ranging from rare antiques you can restore to automobiles and boats you can refurbish and sell at an enormous garage sale game, similar to your favourite reality television series such as container and garage hunt.

In this game, you will build and run a corporate empire using your master talents, and you will also be able to acquire riches.

At auction time, channel your inner warehouse business tycoon while keeping your negotiation game eyes on the coin treasure game competition in order to make the best billionaire bid at all times.
A few of these musty old garages contain riches that are beyond your wildest expectations in this bargaining game, treasures that are worth heaps of money that you may earn, money that might easily make you a millionaire with your rare item collection!
Try your luck, but never forget to pay attention to your distinct business game intuition when it comes to auction time!
It is impossible not to recall the stories of the reality television programme game presenters who lost all of their coin currency in a single night due to poor warehouse auction bids due to a lack of strategy or master abilities on the show.

This coin become rich game offers you the opportunity to become a rising warehouse star and establish a reputation while surrounded by unique things and cash!
Consider broadening your horizons by participating in larger auctions, similar to those found in television programme games.
Your firm may be seen as a threat by certain large pawn shop moguls who are experts at making money through profit-sharing arrangements.
Moreover, once this occurs, they will pull the strings to ensure that your business simulation game is completed as quickly as possible!
When you participate in the high-risk world of container profit games, you are bound to encounter difficulties.
Watching certain conflict-filled reality television shows throughout the auction period may help you prepare for these situations.

Prepare to bid, build, travel, collect, and win large sums of money with your strategy and master abilities by starting your own container pawn shop simulator television game and negotiating game right now!

Bid Wars 2 Mod Details:

The Mod APK version of the game brings you the following additions:

  • Unlimited money

Where to Download Bid Wars 2 Mod APK file?

Visit the Downloads section to download the mod APK.

How to Install Bid Wars 2 APK (Mod) on Android?

  1. Get the Bid Wars 2 Mod APK file from the above download link
  2. Install the Split APK installer app and then install this APK using that. (or) follow the below instructions
  3. Enable app install from Unknown Sources to install apps from a third-party app other than Google Play Store.

    To do that go to Settings and search the word unknown

    – For Android Nougat or lower version click on Unknown sources and enable that setting.

    Enable Unknown apps on Android Nougat and lower

    – For Android Oreo or later, clicking on Install unknown apps which will take you to a list of apps. Select the actual app through which you want to install the Bid Wars 2 mod app.

    Enable Unknown apps on Android Oreo and later

    Or you can do it other way: Let’s say, you have downloaded the Mod APK on Google chrome or firefox browser on your phone.

    Go to Settings > Apps & notifications or go to Settings > search for unknown > Open the app (Chrome, Firefox or file manager app etc) > Install unknown apps and enable Allow from this source

    See the below screenshots that enables to install unknown apps on Oreo for Chrome app (you need to enable on the app from where you want to install the apk):

    Enable unknown sources to install app

  4. Once enabled, tap on the apk file to install

Download links

v1.36.5 Mod APK

Visit the Description section below to find a step-by-step guide on how to install this APK or Zip file.

What's new

There's new stuff in BidWars: Pawn Empire!

Fixed game not starting for some Android 11 players
New cars have been added at Mercedes' Auto Shop, take a look if any of them are of your interest!
New Casino-themed missions have been added to the progression
More bugs and nuisances resolved!

Let's play!

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