• September 2019

Author: shibaa987

I am a Software Engineer by profession. I have worked with few big companies, such as: BROADCOM Corporation, Cypress Semiconductor, LSI Corporation, TOSHIBA Corporation; on various cutting edge technologies and product lines, such as: RAID storage Driver, SSD Firmware, WLAN Firmware etc. Having more than 7 years of experience in Software Engineering domain. Now contributing to the Custom ROMs community by bringing various Custom ROMs to the end users, developed by thousands of developers across the globe.

Galaxy S5 LineageOS 16 Is On The Way

This post was last updated on August 28th, 2018 at 01:36 pm 0.0 00 Till now there are many LineageOS 16 builds available to download and install. For now I have brought you the news of LineageOS 16 update for Galaxy S5. Yes, as always …