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Theme Park is a service to create a theme and install it quickly and easily.

It extracts dominant colors from wallpaper and creates theme automatically based on user’s style and the colors. Users can see the final appearance from preview screens. Create your own theme that can express your personality!

Main feature:

▣ Creating a theme from a background image
  ■ The theme color is automatically determined from the background image.
  ■ Long press the style to edit the color.
  ■ You can edit both the icon color and the tray color.
  ■ You can apply icon packs from the theme store.
  ■ You can create a theme for dark mode in a theme.
  ■ You can edit the colors of the keyboard.

▣ Creating a theme for keyboard
  ■ You can apply a keyboard theme separately from the main theme.
  ■ You can easily create a keyboard theme by selecting a color and a style.
  ■ You can customize keycaps and text colors.

▣ Deciding whether to apply the theme for each app
  ■ You can decide whether to apply the theme for each app.

  ■ Previews could be not matched with actual screen that the theme is applied.
  ■ The applications supported by theme can be varied based on Theme Park version or OneUI version.
  ■ Some features may not be available depending on the OneUI version.

  To provide this service, following permission are needed.
  ■ Storage: Theme Park uses an image file in your device to find dominant colors and create theme that has harmonious colors.

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