APK Download – Quad9 Connect 0.9.40 (Early Access) by Quad9


Get protection from malware and phishing with Quad9 DNS while encrypting your DNS requests for better privacy. This app overrides local DNS settings for both mobile and WiFi networks to use Quad9’s high-performance worldwide network of DNS servers. Works on non-rooted devices.

Quad9 does not collect, distribute, or resell your private data and was designed to meet GDPR requirements. This app does not access, examine, collect or retransmit any personal data from your device.
Quad9 is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides
cybersecurity tools to individuals, companies, and other organizations. Quad9 is funded by industry grants and support from other non-profit organizations in order to increase security and stability of the Internet. This service is provided at no cost.

Quad9 uses DNS-over-TLS to encrypt and protect your DNS against interception or manipulation by anyone on your local network or any other link between you and the nearest Quad9 server.

Quad9 combines more than 18 unique sources of threat intelligence. These lists include both open and commercial sources, and protect against a variety of common threats like malware, viruses, phishing hosts, botnet control hosts, and other risks that are criminal in nature. If your device tries to connect to one of these sites, Quad9 prevents the connection and warns you that there was an attempt to connect to one of these known risks. Quad9 also implements strict DNSSEC, which is a method that ensures the DNS answers given are correct. You may turn off the blocking protection and just get ‘plain’ DNS with no blocking and no DNSSEC via an app setting option. Quad9 does not filter any other content categories.

Quad9 has >145 locations globally, in nearly 80 countries – your queries will be routed to the closest server for fastest performance!



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