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Learn everything you want on JioLearn for free.

JioLearn offers vast library of school curriculum videos from Class 1 to Class 12 from top education channels in India in over 10 languages. School children can watch educational videos of their own state curriculum from official channels of all major states in India like Meluha, M-Lead, Dnyanganga, TV Teacher, Top Tutor, Tute, Vande Gujarat, Gyan Brikshya, Kite Victers, Utkarsh, Lairik, Akal Academy & IMS Schools.

If you are a college student, you can find videos on all Engineering, Humanities, Social Science, Economics and Science courses on JioLearn.

All 34 Swayamprabha Channels are available on JioLearn in a curated format for a focused learning experience. You can watch on-demand videos from top professors of this country for over 20 Higher Education Courses like Economics, Commerce, Finance, Language and Literature, History, Computer Science , Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Philosophy, Social & Behavioral Science, Psychology, Home Science, Legal Studies, Human Rights, Management, Library Science, Information Science, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Botany, Zoology, Bio-Science, Applied Sciences, Liberal Arts and Agricultural Science.

JioLearn will provide latest videos on all these courses which you can watch Live and On Demand in the application. Immerse yourself into detailed lectures from top educational institutes in India whenever & wherever you want !

Learning with JioLearn is extremely easy and fun. You can create your own digital library of videos that you want to watch. Add your favorite videos to your personal list to watch them later. To keep a track of all videos you’ve watched, visit My History section.

JioLearn is available for everyone for free. You can login via Mobile Number & OTP or your Google / Facebook accounts to start learning. Install the app now and start your incredible learning journey!



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