Android 11 will disable skin tone edits by default!

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Smartphone cameras are getting powerful day by day. Take Huawei P40 Pro Plus, for example, it has one of the best hardware for cameras in a smartphone. However, these mobiles have a ton of AI features and beauty modes which often leads to unrealistic outputs. Things are different from reality and these are mainly due to processing many photos into one & fake color reproduction.

With the help of AI, there are a lot of options that can be used for adding fake details, sharpness, skin lightening, and many others. Although, many of them prefer this for posting things on social media. Social media are a world of fake photos. Google will be removing this most preferred option by many people around the world. The report comes on the basis of a leaked document.

Recently, we saw a tweet by Mishaal Rahman, Editor in chief of XDA Developers. It was according to the leaked document from Google’s Android Compatibility Definition Document (CDD). The proposed change in the new Android version will be the ditching of facial adjustment algorithms in the brand’s default camera app. He adds that turning off beauty mode will actually turn off the same.

Although, this doesn’t mean that there will be no beauty mode in the camera app. Even though we turn off beauty mode, the outputs are still not exactly as we see with our naked eyes. As Mishaal said, turning off beauty mode will actually turn off it. According to the leaked document, it clearly mentions the same.


02/12/2020 145841721 7.5.4. Camera API Behavior

[C-0-12] For any android. hardware.camera2.CameraDevice or android. hardware. Camera API, MUST ensure that the facial appearance is NOT altered including but not limited to altering facial geometry, facial skin tone, or facial skin smoothening.

As we said above, most of them will not prefer this move by Google. Most of the smartphone users are the one who doesn’t make any changes in the camera settings. Some OEMs may also don’t prefer this. On the other side, Apple has already started giving facial improvements to its photos app. Always human photos on iPhones look better than Android. The new feature by Google will once more degrade human photos. Please do note that these are the thoughts as an end-user. Please let us know what you think about this.


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