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The latest Android 11 was release finally on 8th September as expected! With that, we also have the new AOSP 11 source code released, as Android is open source.

Since then we have got RevengeOS 4.0 which is built on top of AOSP Android 11 code. Till now we have RevengeOS 4.0 for 15+ devices in just 3 weeks of Android 11 release and still counting.

This is a place where we aggregate RevengeOS 4.0 builds for supported devices. You can always look at the below list to find a suitable build for your phone.

RevengeOS 4.0 Android 11 Download

About RevengeOS 4.0

RevengeOS is a custom Android OS distribution project which is run by Dineshsuriya, Fabian Arlt, Giamma, Mendel E., Mohammed Tauseef, Nawab meeravali, Zhenxiang Chen, and chityanj.

RevengeOS 4.0 is their new update which built on top of stock Android 11 download.

We are dedicated to fast, stable and minimal customization ROM, honesty and communication with our users, and openness with our code.

RevengeOS, having an objective as above, brings a cleaner Android experience and a popular custom ROM for various devices.

FAQs on RevengeOS 4.0

So, what’s the reason someone want to try this when we have LineageOS 18 or PixelExperience 11 etc.? Is it available officially? When will my device get this build? etc., people have a lot of questions, always!

Here I am adding a few of them which might be relevant to most of us!

Why to Update to RevengeOS 4.0?

Well, among all the Android 11 builds, RevengeOS 4.0 might not be so popular like the LineageOS 18 or PixelExperience 11, but still it brings Android 11 for many devices where LineageOS 18 failed to bring support. This becomes one major reason to go for RevengeOS 4.0 to run Android 11 on such devices.

In addition, LineageOS is just a cleaner Android custom ROM without any customization. RevengeOS 4.0 brings added custom features on top of stock AOSP 11. This may attract freaks looking for custom features on a custom ROM.

When will my device get RevengeOS 4.0?

Every developer in the team works voluntarily. Nobody pays nothing for their hard work. But still, even they are desperate to bring the RevengeOS 4.0 to your device, no matter what.

If you really want this build so desperately for your phone, wither you can leave a comment here or you can directly contact them regarding the same.

There is absolutely no ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival), but we will try our best to add every build once it is available.

Where to Download RevengeOS 4.0?

You will always get the latest RevengeOS 4.0 build in the below list of supported devices. In addition, it will always be available on their project space on Sourceforge or XDA.

RevengeOS 4.0 Download for Supported Devices

As of now there are only a handful number of RevengeOS 4.0 builds available. As we will get to explore more, the list will grow bigger in near future. So, let’s look at the available devices:

Coolpad RevengeOS 4.0 Download list

Coolpad Cool 1 (c106) RevengeOS 4.0 for Coolpad Cool 1


Le RevengeOS 4.0 Download list

Le Max 2 (x2) RevengeOS 4.0 for Le Max 2


Lenovo RevengeOS 4.0 Download list

Lenovo Z5s (kunlun2) RevengeOS 4.0 for Lenovo Z5s
Lenovo Z6 Pro (zippo) RevengeOS 4.0 for Lenovo Z6 Pro


Motorola RevengeOS 4.0 Download list

Moto G7 Power (ocean) RevengeOS 4.0 for Moto G7 Power


Realme RevengeOS 4.0 Download list

Realme X (RMX1901) RevengeOS 4.0 for Realme X
Realme XT (RMX1921) RevengeOS 4.0 for Realme XT


Xiaomi RevengeOS 4.0 Download list

Redmi 4X (santoni) RevengeOS 4.0 for Redmi 4X
Redmi K20 Pro (raphael) RevengeOS 4.0 for Redmi K20 Pro
Redmi Note 4 / 4X (mido) RevengeOS 4.0 for Redmi Note 4
Redmi Note 9 Pro (curtana) RevengeOS 4.0 for Redmi Note 9 Pro


Post Installation Add-ons for RevengeOS 4.0

After downloading the latest RevengeOS 4.0, you might be interested in one of the following useful apps or mods for your device!

GApps for RevengeOS 4.0

By default there is no GApps (Google applications) included in any of the RevengeOS 4.0 build. So, it must be installed after installing the ROM build. Here is how to install GApps on RevengeOS 4.0.

RevengeOS 4.0 Rooting

As of now Magisk is the only rooting script available for Android 11. You can visit this Android 11 rooting guide to root RevengeOS 4.0 build on your phone.

Google Camera for RevengeOS 4.0

With the Android 10 update the Google Camera or GCam was also updated to version 7.0 and later. Similarly, there is no such update as of now for the Android 11!
But, you can always get your device in the below list of GCam that contains a huge list of compatible Google Camera for all available devices.

What if there is no RevengeOS 4.0 update?

Well, it is highly likely that the RevengeOS 4.0 is not available for many phones initially. In that case, you can have a look on other Android 11 custom ROMs or an older custom ROMs based on older Android versions.

Android 11 downloads

  • Android 11 AOSP builds
  • Pixel Experience 11

Android 10 downloads

Android Pie downloads

Android Oreo downloads

That’s all on this RevengeOS 4.0 downloads list. If you have not found your device in the list then either you can try searching for other Android 11 ROM or other legacy Android ROMs. Otherwise you can always leave a comment with your device model name so that I can search and bring it for you.

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