4k 60fps on Google Camera 7.4


This post was last updated on April 3rd, 2020 at 12:24 pm

Google’s own Pixel series of devices are well known for their top notch camera features. The most popular Night Sight, HDR+, Astrophotography etc. are few features worth mentioning to start off with.

The time lapse feature was introduced in GCam 6.2 version, the Astrophotography and Social share features were added on the GCam 7.0 through the 7.3 version. As a reverse engineering effort by cstark27 who noticed that there is a 4K 60fps video recording mode present in the application’s code but no other evidence is spotted else where.

Even though all the Pixel phones have the same Camera app version, but the legacy phones are limited by features. cstark27 is a developer who does reverse engineer the latest Google Camera app to bring all the new features on other legacy Pixel devices.

4k 60fps on Google Camera 7.4

In a post on XDA this 60fps feature was spotted on Pixel 4a and may be included on the GCam 7.4 version. The Pixel 4 does not support this yet because of bandwidth issue which cannot switch seamlessly from main lens to telephoto lens.

Yet, it is not known for which devices this 4k 60fps feature is going to be available, if at all made available in future releases.

Apple vs Google Camera

While the whole Android community might be eagerly waiting for this hype, the iPhone 11 Pro already supports 4k 60 fps video recording on all of its lenses at the same time.

Here is a very interesting video that was recorded on iPhone 11 Pro. One continuos 5+ hours take in 4K 60fps. The whole video is recorded in one battery life with 19% left in the end.

Who needs 4k 60fps?

Well, most of the people using the camera to capture a photo and even a video, forget about 4k 60fps!
The general public hardly uses 4k video recording and most of the YouTubers shoot at 1080p 30fps.

The 4k 60fps is useful for movie makers that is almost only 1% or even less of the whole Android or GCam using crowd. But yes, having that feature on a phone in your pocket makes it more productive for a movie maker and insists to carry it all the time.

Despite this 4k 60fps video recording stuff, other image processing features of the Google Camera are hardly found on any other OEM’s stock camera application. Because of this reason many developers have reverse engineered to make the Google camera APK compatible on many Android phones.

Stay tuned to get all other updates on GCam 7.4 and Google Camera in general.

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